Slab Cutting

For normal slabbing I charge .50 cents per square inch.  If the stone is small and has to be cut hand-held, the charge is $1.00 per square inch.  The largest slab I can cut is approx. 9"x7".  You may either have your rocks shipped to me or bring them in person to my shop located between San Antonio & Austin, TX.  You pay shipping charges from my shop back to you after cutting is completed (or you may pick up in person).  You will only be charged actual shipping charges - insurance is recommended both ways.   I only ship via Priority Mail or Parcel Post.

Please write clear instructions as to how you want your rocks slabbed (thickness, etc.).  Please also mark the stone with a marker or scribe the direction/orientation you want cut.  Please be aware that some stones may fracture or fall apart when cut.  If upon cutting I think the rock is not worth cutting further or if there is a concern, I will communicate that with you before further action is taken.  Please allow at least a week from time rocks are received until they are cut and ready for shipping back to you. Upon completion, I will send invoice including cost of cutting and shipping to be payable within 10 days via Paypal, check or money order. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at jra@riverbendlapidary.com to discuss cutting or rocks in general. Depending on my schedule and the amount of cutting, I may be able to cut while you wait.  Please note that I do not slab flint, marble, granite or limestone.

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